Lawyers Initiative Forum

The Lawyer Initiative Forum is a unique platform established by practising lawyers who comes from socially excluded communities of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The Forum evolved from the Centre for Social Justice and Empowerment, a program run by a network of six organisations working to strengthen Criminal Justice System. The Lawyers Initiative Forum was formally shaped with two objective (a) To provide legal aid and access to justice to victims belonging from socially excluded communities through Individual litigation and Public Interest Litigations. and (b) To enhance the capacities of practicing lawyers from excluded communities so to assist them in their career development. Forum members intensively work on cases of attrocities against Dalits and Tribals; Gender based Violence; Land related Disputes and Problems faced by Under-trial Prisoners. The Forum has a membership of more than 1482 practising lawyers across six states of India.

The Forum provides training support to barefoot lawyers and law students by mentoring and capacity building exercises.


Creating platforms and support systems for the development and growth of Female Lawyers and Lawyers from socially excluded communities


A Socially Just Society and Access to Justice for all


  • To promote and establish Collectives of Female Lawyers and Lawyers from socially excluded communities for their professional growth
  • Enhancement of Knowledge, Skills and Capacity Building of Female lawyers and lawyers from socially excluded communities
  • Develop Barefoot Lawyers among socially excluded communities for generating legal awareness by training camps and mentoring