Forum intervention

The Lawyer Forum has three fold interventions as following:

Formation and strengthening of district Lawyer’s Forum

District level Lawyers Forum is a crucial in order to mobilize and promote membership of practicing lawyers from socially excluded groups. At the same time, it strives to enhance capacities and provide legal literature and exposure to the Forum members through to exposure visits, trainings and district resource centre. At present, the forum has been established in 13 districts of three states and having more than 550 lawyers’ membership. District resource centre has been set up in 8 places where legal literature is made available such as recent CrPC, Indian Penal Code and other Legal books and recent Supreme Court and High Court Judgments etc.

Providing legal aid and taking up cases

Forum Lawyer members are encouraged to take up civil and criminal cases of socially excluded groups in order to provide timely and free legal aid to victims. It also strengthens lower court level judicial prudence that has been one of the crucial challenges faced by vulnerable victims towards seeking justice. To date, the forum has provided free legal aid in 1506 cases of gender based violence, atrocities against Dalit and tribal and other criminal cases.

Mentoring Law students and development of Social Advocates

The forum envisaged to engage with current law students in order to sensitize them on plight of vulnerable victims those who face numerous challenges in seeking justice and promote pro-bono legal activism. Developing social advocates in operational area would be an act of prevention strategy where socially awakened citizens are provided basic legal knowledge and informed about their rights and responsibilities. Trained social advocates sometime victims are also trained as social advocates are raising awareness among community and providing a social support to victims if they are threatened or requires fundamental support. These social advocates are playing a role as catalyst between practicing lawyers and victims wherever required they provide counseling support, providing information and handholding support to victims. At present, the lawyer forum has provided legal training to 1334 social advocates.

Resource centre-Research and legal advocacy

Resource centre is a physical set up established at district level and act as a legal knowledge centre equipped with relevant legal books, civic books, computer, booklets and legal pamphlets etc. In addition, monthly meetings of the forum members also take place at the district resource centre and it is easily accessible for the victims whenever they are approaching to lawyers and during their court trials, they are given practical experience of the Court through a moot court. Besides, the forum members are also actively involved in legal research and advocacy efforts.

Operational areas

States Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan
Districts Bhopal, Indore, Dewas, Jabalpur,  Khargaon, Khandwa, Panna, Ujjain Agra Lalitpur and Jhansi


Bharatpur, Chittargarh and Pratapgarh