Structure and Governance of the Forum

The forum has a state level forum body as well as district level coordination committees.
Following is the Governance structure of the forum.

S.N. Designation
1 Convener Adv. Mohan Panchal
2 Co-Convener Adv. M. S. Paditiya and Adv. R. L. Prajapati
3 Secretary Adv. Anil Barod and Mr. Rajendra Piplodiya
4 Member Adv. Narendra Rokade
5 Member Adv. Hafiz Khan
6 Member Adv. Ms. Meena Singh Baghel
7 Member Adv. MS Sayyada Ali
8. Member Adv. Kranta Saroj

Associates and networking

The forum is associated with various non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations as well as district Lawyers Bar-Council.